Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

Class Information

Available classes are as following. I'm quite flexible to have the class on weekdays. Class will start at 9.30am and end at 2pm. Please expect ONE type of class in a day as we might require some extra time..for extra tips. :) . Maximum number of students is 3 for any classess.

1. Chocolate
Fee - RM 250. Free chocolate mould and chocolates to take home. :).

2. Butter cream Cupcake
Fee - RM150. Free cupcake kits and cupcakes to take home. :)

3. Fondant Cupcake
Fee - RM 250. Free cupcakes to take home. :)

4. Magic Jelly cake

Fee - RM 150. Free 2 different sets of Jelly kits. :)

5. Pastry Croissant
Fee - RM 150. Some croissant to bring home. :)

6. Giant Lobster
Fee - RM 150. Ensure huge container along with you to bring back the "Giant Lobster". :)

7. Cake+Cupcake Fondant with 3 tier
Fee - RM500. A set of cake+cupcake tier to bring home. Take note the class will take within 2 days.

8. Coming soon Paddy !!! stay tune yaa :)

Remember to bring alone pen, notebook, apron, "big" container and some rags since you will definitely bring some samples to share with your love ones. 50% deposit required.Any cancellation, please notify me 3 days prior the class as preparation is required. Please drop me email for class arrangement.

Ordering Info / Pricing

Thank you for considering Sweetie Pies in helping you plan the most perfect event, one that you will always remember!

Here you will find the pricing information for the various sweets and desserts available through Sweetie Pies. The prices below covers the basic dessert with simple decor, for more elaborate and intricate designs, please don't hesitate to call me for the quote. In general most desserts require a minimum of 2 wks (small qty) & 3 wks (for large) upon delivery & 50% deposit. Of course, more intricate designs may require more time spent especially on fondant cake/mini cake/cupcake. Please call me to arrange the Pick-up & do expect some charges on delivery.

PRICE LIST are for Chocs, Exclusive Choc, Magic Jelly/Puding cake, Cupcake, Mini cake, Cake & Lobster pastry.

Purely chocolate with choice of white/milk/dark chocolate (~10g) - RM 1.80 per pc
Chocolate with filling - RM1.00 to RM 1.80 per pc
Choice of Filling - Praline (strawberry/mint/orange/blueberry), Wafer , Mixfruit, Almond, Walnut, Cashew

  • Choice of flavor limited to 1 type (white/milk/dark) for qty less then 100pcs.
  • Choice of filling limited to 1 type for qty less then 100pcs.
  • Minimum order 50pcs. Maximum order up to 2k. For order more then1k minimum of 3 weeks notice & 50% deposit.
  • Orders of more then 1k pcs discount of special rebate provided.
  • Box/packaging is charged separately depending on qty & type requested.



  1. Small (7") - RM 55
  2. Medium (8") - RM 65
  3. Large (11" and 12") - RM 80-90
  1. Small (7") - RM65
  2. Medium (8") - RM75
  3. Large (11" and 12") - RM90-RM100
  • Price above is for pandan, lemon, orange, coconut, strawberry, milk & chocolate flavors.
  • Price for other flavors and ingredients such as fruit cocktail, Kiwi, Fancy Pearl, nuts is subject to ingredient.
  • You may request double layer but the price based on the type of size.
Butter cream cupcake
Set of 25pc - RM50 (mini paper cup ~3.5cm diameter)
Minimum order set of 16 pc - RM45 (2.5 auns solo cup)
Fondant cupcake
Per pc - RM5.00 (2.5 auns solo cup)
Minimum order set of 16 pc RM70
  • Flavors - Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Pandan, Orange, Lemon, Oreo.
  • For edible image - RM3.50 per pc only for 2.5 auns solo cup size.
  • Large order maximum of 200pc. Minimum of 3 weeks notice is required.
Butter cream cake
  1. Small (7") - RM60
  2. Medium (8") - RM70
  3. Large size (11-12") price perkg is RM50
Fondant cake
1. Minimum size 8" & minimum price is RM220 with basic decor.
2. Additional size with special decoration request will be charged accordingly. Ring me :)
  • Price is RM10 perpc & this is using only basic fondant decor.
  • Minimum order 6pcs.
  • Measurement is roughly ~6cm width & height ~8cm
  • Flavors - chocolate, strawberry, Vanilla, Pandan, Orange, Lemon, Oreo
  • Price is RM65 perkg
  • Flavors - chocolate, rasberry, blueberry, classic, orange, strawberry
  • Price is RM50 perkg
  • Flavors - chocolate, rasberry, blueberry, classic, orange, strawberry
  • Minimum order 2 sets with choice of beef or chicken flavor.
  • RM 80 for small size (~25cm length).
  • RM150 for bigger size (~35cm length) .