Thursday, August 13, 2009

Raya Cookies

Happy Ramadhan & Selamat Berpuasa. *************************************************
Raya cookies are now available !!!!!. Discount given for more than 3 boxes of similiar type. Gift sets are also available. Buy now and give to your love one. For Raya delivery please submit 2 weeks prior Raya.

The gift set box above above just a sample. You may request qty require per box and of course charge will based on qty & box.

Cheese Almond Lidah Kucing (** hot cake in JB & Singapore. Must buy!!!). One bite and you will ask for more...hihihi

Sesame cookies in different pattern & colours...for fun.. :)

White almond cookies in different shape..saje suke2

Chocolate cup either in brown or white...choice is yours.. :)

Snow Oat biscuit

Golden Coconut crunch. It's totally crunchy 'll never regret.

Example of Packaging


Cheese Almond Lidah Kucing - RM 16 (box a smaller then showing in the photos. ~45 pcs per box)
Choc cup - RM30. (round or rectangular cointainer as shown above. ~40 pc per box)
Snow oat, White almond, Sesame seed, Golden coconut crunch - RM25 per box (round / rectangular cointainer as shown above. ~ 70 pc per box).

You are most welcome for further enquiry.. Ring/Email me.. :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chocolate 1st class (10 Aug)

To my dear Dura, Umi, Anis & Citra....thank you so much for attending my 1st chocolate class on 10 Aug. It is very fun and it is such a wonderful time to have you here. Looking forward to have our next class on magic jelly cake.. :)

These chocs have variety fillings including oreo, wafer, walnut, kismis, almond, & strawberry praline. These chocs are the type of milk & dark choc.

Packing sample

You may also order with some decorations on the box for any special event...birthday, wedding, engagement, valentine....etc. It's simple have just need to notify me the theme and colour. Of course some chargers is expected based on the decoration . Feel free to glance through some samples here.

Here is sample of cupcake box for 16 pc cuppies...Any size will do.

Here are sample of choc's boxes in 3pc, 4pc, & 9 pc
The 3 pc box comes in brown colour only.
The 4pc choc come in just white colour while the one with separator in pink colour.

Following are the sample with 9pc come in silver, pink, maroon, beidge, brown, and white,

Stay tune for other packaging coming soon.. :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Cupcake 1st class (9 Aug)

Here is Citra all the way from Singapore joining my 1st cupcake and choc classes on the 9-10 August. Thank you my dear...for attending my class. It is such an honour :)
Citra..with a big smile...
Citra & me..enjoying the cupcake...yummy

Her adorable even though for 1st time..

Purple & Pink & Red
Simply white (combination between fondant & icing)

Love is forever :) .. Citra..dear...I wonder to whom do you dedicate this sincere love ..aouch ...hihiih

With cutty clown..

Citra in RED....

Citra in pinky