Friday, October 15, 2010

2010 wedding "hantaran"

These are the fondant cake for Malay wedding "hantaran".

This one delivered to Banting area. Thema purple & pink in hexagon shape ;).

Oct 2010 engagement & wedding "hantaran"

These are made from chocolates...request from a customer for her brother's engagement.

Is the swan from porcelain? U're wrong it's from chocolates too :)
The bouque of flowers...but don't get wrong...the roses are from chocolates too :)

2010 School's Reunion Event - Kuantan

On May 1st 2010, a reunion event held at Sek Men Tg Panglima Perang Tg. Muhammad, Kuantan. Here are the doorgift souvenirs ordered & contributed. Pack of chocolotes with mix flavors and decorated cookies. It was my 1st attemp in making the decorating cookies..was fun anyway. :)

And finally, all of them are placed in a big box. Although I was unable to join the event..but I'm really glad & honoured that I have the chance in contributing.