Friday, July 31, 2009


Croissant pasty in different shapes and flavors


Tuna and Blueberry

Strawberry with kastard

Red Bean and Kastard

Kismiss and Cheese


This is Pandan cake decorated with pink roses..and accompanied with some roses cupcakes. I guess that I'm addited with roses and baking...I wish I can tune down a bit..but I just couldn't help myself.. arghhh.

2 cutes clowns in red & blue and the snapshot.... :)
I love these kiddo...thanks to my dear Intan for zooming the photo..

Just for fun.. :)

More cakes here..choose one.. give me a call..


Tarraaa.... these cupcakes are those in history among the rest cupcakes. They are my 1st babies.. :)

dedicated to my dear hubby..

These cupcakes are dedidated to my sister in law on her birthday. I loveee roses...just couldn't wait any longer to decor the rose once I discovered the technique :)

Another colour or roses ..suppose to be in purple colour but turn up in blue after snapped

Doorgift for Kat's Wedding

First choclate made for Kat's wedding last 19 July located at Seksyen 3, Bangi.


Choclates ready to go are packed in a lovely box. Around 150 pc of choclates to give a away to groom's family. Each box contains four chochs.


These are the chochlates made in different pattern, taste and colors. Animals pattern being chosen as that will make the chochlates looks cute and varies.

Let me know colours and shape you wish to be according to the event that you are planned.. example theme. Not just can be any colours.

Jelly Cake for wedding "hantaran"

This jelly cake ordered for wedding "hantaran". Wedding took place in Seksyen 3, Bangi in July. Theme is pink and white. This cake made of fruit cocktail on the bottom side while the top is purely jelly coloured in pink. I am using Tulips and Anthenium flowers for the decoration. I simply placed the small love pattern just on the right side instead on every corner of the cake...I thought they look sweet and lovely.'s double layer...the top background is in white. Can't wait the next order....especially now it is almost year end....and more wedding events coming soon... 1 some 1st serve... lalalalalala

I loveeee pink and white.. some how pink and white are my favorite colours.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


~ Nice to see ~
~ nice to hold ~
~ once eaten ~
~ you definitely sold...hihihih. ~
Chocolates lovers... have a go at my chocolates. I'm sure you'll enjoy them!!
These chochlates can be made a variety of colours, flavors and shapes to suit your occasion. Heart, animal, flowers, moon, star n bla..bla..bla....

The chocolates may contain nut, walnut, wafer, oreo, tamarin, ganache, praline and any variety of ingredients, the choice is YOURS. Of course, please let me know the function, or event or theme you are planning for, so that I can ensure that the chocolates fit the occasion perfectly!
Here are example of packaging available. If you require something more elaborate, just give me a call.. :)

The technique is all at the finger tips. Creativity, patience and passion to create designs for the occasion. Temted to learn??? Come and join my class. Free chocolate mould and free chocolates to take home. More photos on chocs on wedding door gift and more coming soon. :)

Magic Jelly Cake

My first magic jelly cake in purple. The layers of tehe cake alternate between purple coloured jelly and the white jelly made from the evaporated milk. Nice for wedding "hantarans" or engagements or birthdays!

I'm using white Tulips, Sunflower and red Anthenium flowers. Red heart on the sides of the cake gives it a more intricate and cutesy look!.

Here are more example of jelly cakes in different colours. As you can see here in orange and green colour. Pick the theme colour you wish to be and I'll make sure it looks sweet and lovely. :)

Just started..

Hi Everyone!!

Welcome and thank you for sparing your time viewing Sweetie Pies, where I share my passion to all that is sweet, pretty and wonderful!! It all started with a cupcake lesson, and soon, I descended into the wonderful, weird and colourful world of bakery and sweets! This craziness grows day by day and I am dying to share with you my ideas and decor.

Have a look at my collection of cupcakes, cakes, magic jellies of all shape, size and color, chocs and breads...