Friday, December 3, 2010

Apple green cuppies

200 cuppies order for wedding doorgifts delivered to PD area. Thema green apple & white. It took me 4 days in advanced for the preparation all by myself. Tiring but I'm so glad with the outcome. :) . Please refer order information for basic pricing schema & requirement.

Exclusive chocolates

These are my latest chocolates designs for VIP wedding doorgifts to be delivered to KL area. In the form of white "swan & little pink rose" in the middle.
Minimum of 2pcs for the price of rm25 each.
Measurement : length is ~9.5cm & height is ~2.5cm.
Packaging is not included unless there is a request & do expect separate charge.

This "heart shape with printed pigeon birds" ordered for wedding gift. Minimum order are 6pcs for the price of RM7 each.
Measurement : length is ~6cm & width is ~8cm.
Packaging is not included unless there is a request & do expect separate charge.

Last but not least "marble egg chocolates" been ordered for VIP wedding doorgifts too to be delivered to KL area.
Minimum order is 10pcs with rm5 each.
Packaging is not included unless there is a request & do expect separate charge.

All these exclusive chocolates require 2wks confirmation & 50% deposit is required for order >10pcs.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mini fondant cake

Here's the mini fondant cake for wedding "hantaran" delivered to KL area.

Friday, October 15, 2010

2010 wedding "hantaran"

These are the fondant cake for Malay wedding "hantaran".

This one delivered to Banting area. Thema purple & pink in hexagon shape ;).

Oct 2010 engagement & wedding "hantaran"

These are made from chocolates...request from a customer for her brother's engagement.

Is the swan from porcelain? U're wrong it's from chocolates too :)
The bouque of flowers...but don't get wrong...the roses are from chocolates too :)

2010 School's Reunion Event - Kuantan

On May 1st 2010, a reunion event held at Sek Men Tg Panglima Perang Tg. Muhammad, Kuantan. Here are the doorgift souvenirs ordered & contributed. Pack of chocolotes with mix flavors and decorated cookies. It was my 1st attemp in making the decorating cookies..was fun anyway. :)

And finally, all of them are placed in a big box. Although I was unable to join the event..but I'm really glad & honoured that I have the chance in contributing.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ramdhan oh Ramadhan

Assalamualaikum wbrt...

A'a memang lama betul menyepi.. just recover from moving to a new place..still in Port Dickson. Alhamdulillah finally settle :). Ahlan wa sahlan ya Ramadhan tak lama lagi dah nak mula puasa. Kepada semua Muslimin & Muslimat selamat menyambut Ramadhan. Semoga Ramadhan kali ni lebih bermakna dan dapat kita sama2 mengambil peluang untuk melipat gandakan lagi amalan pada bulan yg berkah ini. InsyaAllah tahun ini saya juga mengambil tempahan biskut, chocolate dan kek. Tempahan ditutup 2 minggu sebelum Raya lebih kurang pada 25 August 2010. Sila click link Raya cookies untuk membuat sebarang tempahan. Yelakan nak rebut la malam 10 malam terakhir Ramadhan :) .
Wassalam :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Choc class in Kuantan March 21, 2010

Choc class in Kuantan on 21st March, 2010. Attended by Azlina, Azra & Ira (Chef Ebab). Azlina & Azra were my schoolmate in SMTPPTM, Bandar Indera Mahkota, Kuantan. Reunited after 17 yrs passed. Thank you so much darling.. :)

Adik Doremon.. :)

"3 tier cake" & double heart shape..nice for wedding doorgift
Chocolates varies in flavor, dark, milk, white, orange, with mix fruit, rasberry & strawberry fillings.

Packing time....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cupcake class in Kuantan March 20, 2010

Cupcake class in Kuantan..attended ..(from left) Kak Mi (my cousin), Azra & Ira know as Chef Ebab (Azra's sister). Azra came all the way from Dungun, Terengganu and she was my schoolmate in SMTTPPTM and we used to live in similiar neighbourhood in Bandar Indera Mahkota, Kuantan. For us, this is considered our reunion after 17 yrs...such a long time. Ira just open a restaurant located at Semambu industrial area in drop have nice breakfast & lunch "org Pahang" delicacy local food. Ladies..thank you so much for attending and all the best to you :). Appology..for having tudung periuk to place the cuppies bad...

Kak Mi punye :)

Azra punye.. :)

Ira punye.. :)