Monday, January 18, 2010

Jan (2010) Birthday event

January birthday..for my dad & nieces..special 3 tier butter cakes, 49 pc cupcake flavor oreo & chocolate and 2 pairs giant lobsters !!!

Giant lobsters.. brought all the way from PD. Nice for wedding/engagement hantaran event. Don't get wrong these are artificial lobsters made of pastry. Size and ingredient is your choice chicken or beef. The length of sample below is ~30cm. To order, do call me.

Edible image cupcake

16 pc cupcake delivered to Subang.

50th Wed Anniversary event March 16, 2010

On January 16, 2010 the 50th wed anniversary took place in Menara Yayasan Tun Razak KL for our parents.It was a surprise function :) being planed for the past 1 month. The theme is gold & green. This 5 tier cake for the cake cutting event is specially made for them and ~1500 pc chocolates of flavor, milk, dark, mix fruit & wafer were made for the guests. All the chocolate containers are self decorated including the base of the 5 tier cake. You are most welcome to contact for me for the pricing or any enquiries.
Enjoy the close up on the cake & chocolate preparation prior the event.

The base was decorated with gold flowers and green leaves to enhanced the theme. This 5 tier cake started with 15 pcs fondant cupcakes..decorated with light yellow daisy flowers.

The 2nd layer is a 10 inch butter cake decorated with white, light orange & yellow daisies. Several butterflies surround the cake providing the finishing touch.

The 3rd layer tier is made of 9 cupcakes.

The 4th layer is a 6 inch cake

The last layer is a mini cake..with the number "50" to indicate the 50th anniversary. This is the most delicate part of the cake :). Again several butterflies for the end touch.

The dining table messed up by the cake containers. :)

A glance thru on cupcake preparation.

These 24pc cupcakes for the 1st & 3rd tier.

The fondant daisy being placed earlier prior placing it on the cupcake itself.

Here's the chocolate preparation which is part of the doorgift for guests.

Another type of chocolate container used for other guests.

Heart shape for VIP ladies.

Butterfly shape for VIP gentleman.

These are ~1500 pc white chocolates with various flavors, pattern & shape made within 3 days!!!

Of course more photos on my FB during the function itself. It is simple..just click on the right hand side..the FB icon. Please do not hesitate to enquire or place an order for your big event. I'll be more than happy to contribute in making your event a success too :)